8. März

Mark Shuttleworth hält auf dem LinuxTag die Eröffnungsrede beim Ubuntu-Tag. Kühl!

11. April

Kubuntu streikt!. Tumblen wir das mal. Damit es auch jemand merkt.

6. Juni

And of course to everyone who contributes to the free software community, thank you, let’s celebrate another milestone on the way to fixing bug #1. Champagne / beer / beverage of choice time!

Mark Shuttleworth feiert Ubuntu Dapper Drake

8. Juni

Neu – »UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter«

25. Juni

UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter #4

1. Oktober

In Ubuntu Christian Edition, there can be only root and 12 more users, one of which will help crackers to acces the system.

Ubuntu Christian Edition Facts

20. Oktober

After a rather fine night out on the town, I came home in a rather inebriated state. Put the live disc in, and recklessly choose to install Ubuntu, and did so by wiping the entire hard drive (previously XP). This sort of switch has sortof thrown me in at the deep end, but I have no regrets and has to be one of the best drunken decisions I have ever taken…

Zu lesen im Ubuntu-Forum.

7. November

Mark Pilgrim erklärt, warum gNewSense im Gegensatz zur landläufigen Meinung diverser großmäuliger Online-Schmierfinken eben nicht überflüssig ist.

19. Januar

We have to work together to keep free software freely available. It will be a failure if the world moves from paying for shrink-wrapped Windows to paying for shrink-wrapped Linux.

Ubuntu-Meister Mark Shuttleworth disst Novell, RedHat und Co.