7. Juni

19. Februar

feuilleton – »31 days in Iraq«

Link: sevenload.com

Thomas Wanhoff – »Video: Bewegtbild aus Berlin vom Sowjetischen Ehrenmal«

22. März

In fact, going to war is rather easy. You react to situations around you and try not to die. There are no electric bills or car payments or chores around the house. Just go to work, come home alive, and do it again tomorrow.

I Miss Iraq. I Miss My Gun. I Miss My War. (Via MeFi)

29. März

According to Human Rights Watch, Saddam Hussein, as bad as he was, managed to kill at most 290,000 people during his quarter-century in power — less than half of Bush’s four-year death total. Saddam would have had to have ruled another twenty-four years to even come close to matching what George W. Bush has ‘achieved’ in four years.

firedoglake: »One Out Of Every Forty.« Der amerikanische Irakfeldzug hat 2,5% der irakischen Bevölkerung das Leben gekostet, das sind etwa 655.000 tote Iraker… (Via Jogin)

Quelle der Zahlen: BBC