1. April

22. Juni

Apple is moving in the wrong direction. Closing access to the OS X kernel on Intel processing architecture is not a good idea, it will only cost Apple more time and money to get a good kernel for their processor.

Jeremiah Foster

9. Juli

By our best estimates, over 90% of the 550 people at RailsConf 2006 are using Apple laptops. We decided to reward those willing to take a stand against the norm and compute different.

Fotoset auf flickr

16. Oktober

Tja. Macs sind nicht für alle. Ganz besonders nicht für »Law Marketing Consultants« (Gefunden im O’Reilly MacDevCenter)

20. Oktober

Eine Liste selbsternannter iPod-Killer für das kommende Weihnachtsgeschäft (engl. »holiday season«).
John Gruber:

Gonna be another big holiday season for Apple, judging by this pile of crap.

11. Januar

#ff00aa: »Worst. Macworld. Ever.«

16. Januar

Der neue Betatschscreen

24. Februar

A few minutes later, as we were enjoying our lunch and chatting with Apple friends, we noticed a slight disturbance in the room, as if all the air had rushed to a single place, over by the salad bar. As you have probably guessed, it was Apple CEO Steve Jobs, grabbing some lunch with Jonathan Ive [...].

Google Mac Blog: »A visit to Apple«

2. März

An operative deep inside Apple has confirmed earlier resports that we will see a Black Mac Pro or Flash based iPod Shuffle at Third Quarter 2007.

Create your own Apple Rumor (via forevergeek).

3. April

O’Reilly MacDev Center Blog – »Hey Steve! You’re not done yet!«

27. April

Design Observer: »What If Apple Is Bad for Design?«

26. Mai

»Top 10 Multi Display Mac Setups«

28. Juli

»Apple Product Evolution« – Edwin Tofslie

18. November

»Build a Hackintosh Mac for Under $800« PC-Hardware in China einkaufen und Mac OS X drauf – anders macht Apple das ja auch nicht…

21. Dezember

Dirkus Maximus: »Fun Ways to Crash Leopard«

19. Januar